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2-1-1 can help! We always appreciate input and updates from caregivers and providers! We encourage you to share with us your insider knowledge on new resources and providers, and ones that have shown excellence to children with Special Needs. Parents and caregivers are also invited to join the Parent Zone listserv to connect to others and share ideas.

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This network is primarily for Broward County Florida Special Needs families and disabled youth 22 and younger. Find and connect with other families with your child’s disability and also share feedback on successful services and also your challenges in Broward for kids. The SN Families of Broward Group hopes to act as a gateway to the array of services and support for children and young adults with developmental or physical disabilities (with a strong focus on supporting parents of children with Autism, ASD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ID, Speech or Language Impairments, TBI, Spina Bifida, and/or vision or hearing impairments). This forum provides a conduit to share and receive info with other families and professionals, supported and created by the free 2-1-1 Special Needs Information and Referral Service.



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2-1-1 will help you find the right resources today and answer any questions you have: Our knowledgeable and professional counselors will follow-up with you to ensure your specialized referrals helped your child.

If you are seeking local referrals or support, contact the 24-hour 2-1-1 Broward helpline at 954-537-0211 (or dial 2-1-1) and ask for a Special Needs Counselor