FOR PROFIT – In addition to learning gymnastics TAG Gym offers coordination and development of skills and strength as well as listening skills for youth with special needs in an integrated environment. Superstar classes for special needs students are structured. The Saturday classes held in the morning are for children with special needs that require parental assistance and support.

WEBSITE: www.taggymnastics.com/

ADDRESS: 1951 North Commerce Parkway, Suite 100, Weston, FL33326

Phone: (954) 384-9393

HOURS: M-F Superstar Classes are Saturdays at 9am. Call for more info.

ELIGIBILITY Must be compliant with rules of gym. Parent must be present to provide assistance for some students.

FEES:  Yes. Call for details. 10 classes for independent groups and also lower-functioning classes.

INTAKE: No appointment needed for intake, release form must be completed and parent must participate if needs assistance

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English

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