BC Schools – Emotional Behavioral Disability – Cross Creek

Cross Creek School was developed by the School Board of Broward County as an educational center servicing Emotionally Behaviorally Disturbed (EBD) students ranging in ages from 5 to 22, K to 12th grades. Complete curriculums are offered for elementary, middle and high school students earning both regular and special diplomas. Services are delivered through an interdisciplinary approach which integrates instruction and therapy. The program has a behavioral management system and mental health component which include academic, vocational, therapeutic and behavioral interventions to assist students in making appropriate choices. The goal is for students to develop the behavioral and academic skills necessary for a successful school experience to help them transition back to a mainstream school or into the community after the school years.

WEBSITE: http://www.browardschools.com

ADDRESS: 1010 NW 31st Avenue, Cross Creek School Center, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

PHONE: (754) 321-6450

HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:15am-3:30pm

ELIGIBILITY: Students K-12 who are Emotionally/Behaviorally Disabled & their current school setting is not meeting their educational needs

FEES: No Fee

INTAKE: Referred by ESE Specialist; Documentation/ IEP must indicate that a greater level of support is needed

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Creole

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