Physician Champions


Physician champions serve a key role in the development of the Help Me Grow system. They give the system credibility and authority, particular for the physician community. Physician champions with strong connections to university medical schools and a background in developmental-behavioral medicine who are passionate about early intervention for all children are good matches for Help Me Grow.

Physician champions generally assist local Help Me Grow programs with the following duties:

  • facilitate outreach trainings at doctors’ offices
  • promote Help Me Grow to physician community to facilitate collaboration
  • present at state medical meetings, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), about Help Me Grow services

Please see below our physician champions who are working in communities across Florida in partnership Help Me Grow initiative:


 Help Me Grow Physician Champion

Dr. Arenas Speaking
Dr. J. Arenas-Chico 

 Dr. J. Arenas-Chico Broward Health Coordinator CHS/Outreach

  • Dr. Arenas-Chico is the Community Health Coordinator at Broward Health. Dr. Arenas-Chico mission for the North Broward Hospital District is to expand services of health care to the poorest and the neediest communities of Broward through Ambulatory Services. Dr. Arenas-Chico also worked with the State of Florida.